Vagabond | Adelaide Fringe

Info for participating venues

"VAGABOND" is an immersive Augmented Reality Game (ARG) that includes a scavenger hunt in Adelaide's East End. Players scan a QR code at participating venues, which will direct them to their next task or location. Games span a total of 60 minutes.

Event Dates and Times:

Audience Size:

Both hunts are capped at 15 players total.

QR code information:

Basically, players will be directed to your venue as part of the scavenger hunt. No major disruptions to your normal business operations would be anticipated - interactions will likely be limited to a "scan-and-leave" situation, unless players choose to stop for food or drink or to browse.

I will provide the printed QR code to be scanned by players at your location, at a time negotiated with your business.

Placement of the QR code can be at your discretion, as visible or hidden as you like. Players will have access to a helpline in the event of difficulties locating the QR code on the day.

Contact Details:

Event Coordinator: Lucien Drivas


Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! I love spotlighting great businesses in the city, so it's exciting to hear you're happy to be a small part of our little show!

Kind regards,